Party’s Over

This title is incorrect. I want to be upset that this trip is over, but its more like I’m just taking a break. I really need a job to make some money, traveling just drains your bank account. And all I do is walk around and take coffee breaks!


This is is where I am currently sitting and writing this post ( Café Sandwicherie Du Theater, Geneva). Bags at the ready, caffinated,  and ready to conquer this traveling day. It’s a quick flight, but it’s easyjet, and it’s never easy.

I left Interlaken around nine thirty, but my stop in Bern was fairly uneventful. It was raining quite heavily, so I stopped in at a cafe, and hen took a tour around one of the parks and through one of the main streets. Even with the bad weather, you can tell this city has so much to do and a lot of history. Obviously, since it’s the capital. I really wanted to go to the Einstein museum and a couple other things, but gave it a pass. These train tickets are just killer.


I arrived in Lausanne and filled the directions to get to the place that I was going to be staying at for free. (  no one answered the door, and I had no messages saying if he was out or anything.  I was getting a bit hungry so I took my mom’s advice and went and bought a portion of rotisserie chicken, and sat and ate it on a park bench. With all my bags. I looked like a fancy homeless person. Then I Hung out at McDonald’s for a bit to use the free wifi. No messages yet. I ended up sitting on the staircase in the apartment building till ten waiting for the person to show up, and then gave up and booked another two nights in an expensive hostel.  I only had two percent of my battery life left, and I needed Google maps, and the guy said he would save the bed for ten minutes because it’s the last one and someone might show up. I walked as fast as I could down the steep cobblestone paths half paying attention to my steps and half staring at my navigation. I made it.

It’s great that these hostels are nice and we’ll decorated with all the bells and whistles, but maybe someone should at least offer a shack for super cheap that you just want t to sleep.get with the times, Switzerland. But I do love a hot shower and clean  laundry.

I eventually got a message from my couchsurfing host that said my arrival day said the 15th and he was at a party and didn’t see my message. I showed up a day early. Who needs calanders anyway!

Saturday was a bit of a let down with the weather and I did basically no sight seeing. I walked through the markets and picked up some veg to make for lunch.





There was so much cheese. Everywhere.

Purple broccoli makes me feel special.


I had plans to meet some guys I met when I was staying at a hostel in Paris. They are Swiss rugby players that live in Lausanne, and it was one of the guys birthday.

They wouldn’t be back until later due to a game in a different city, so I went to one of the popular bars in the city. I paid TEN FRANCS for a drink then made friends with some people and I joined them to get some pho noodles. I already ate, so I sat there and listened to them talk about world history and politics. They also spoke mandarin to the waitress and each other because they both work in shanghai.  But I did get two free beers. Yay.

I said my goodbyes to the interesting couple, and headed to meet my other group.

I had a blast.

Sunday was a recovery day. I walked along the lake for a bit after a nice hot coffee, then left to Geneva to stay the night.


The hostel was also dead. And I went downstairs to watch a movie and could barley keep my eyes open so I went to bed. I had the best sleep of my life. I got up this morning, checked out, and here I am.


This city has a lot of similarities to Edinburgh. The buildings are very old, with steep climbs to different t shops or fancy buildings. The parks have big avenues and the tram goes basically everywhere. And there is a very large amount of Ferraris driving around. I like it.

This trip has been so much fun. I met so many different people. The intellectuals, the rebels, the confused, the happy couples, the climbers, the midlife crisis thrill seekers, and the Koreans.(roomates in Interlaken…They gave me a gift and took about fourtyone pictures of me when they were checking out. )

I don’t consider his trip to be over though.

All I  need now is a helmet, goggles, and a haircut. Haircut might not fit into the budget though. Not bad how much you can do with only six months of RVC paychecks in your bank. Three trips to Europe, not too shabby.


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