Strike one

This chalet hosting is rough. THere’s so much more to hosting than hosting.

I haven’t even had guests yet.

I love Flaine.  It’s so little and everyone knows each other. We frequently go to the flying dutchman bar that surprise surprise is full of Dutch people who love to party. Thy frequently bang on ben jo and james’ apartment window to come in and continue to party. I feel bad for them.

My chalet is all set and ready to go for my incommig guests. It’s going to be long days, but I’m ready.

I also need to stop trying to eat all the baking chocolate, I’m on a fastrack to diabetes.  And I probably need less gin too.

This is the story of how I almost didn’t even start my season.

Due to lack of snow, our guests cancelled for Christmas week. The company noticed that there are hosts with nothing to do and we got shipped if to Les arcs to be backup help.

I won’t go into detail of how bad it was, but it was basically a bunch of young gap year kids that were ill running around like chickens with their heads cut off. And the chalets were disgusting. Totally NOT  chalet marmot.

Me and james (fellow chalet host flaine team member) were both supposed to be there a week. But I just wasn’t having any. I asked the manager if I could just have unpaid days off and leave until I need to be back in Flaine. They told me that I have no choice and that if I leave, my contract will be terminated.  So I left. I was NOT staying. 

I packed my stuff and took the bus to a bus to a furnicular  to the train station where I realized my backpack was half open, and my wallet with UK passport was gone. Brilliant.

And let’s throw in the amazing fact that after almost two years, I have just started my period. This may have been the most severe episode of PMS France has ever seen.

I made my way back up the furnicular where I found one of my gloves. I played charades with some bus drivers and after being told to sit at the station, my wallet arrives with one of the drivers. There was a ten euro in my wallet and I gave it to her.

I sat on the bus to go back up after a motivational speech from a flaine friend to stop being an idiot, and decided to go back. Then I changed my mind and jumped off the bus. After a few long trainrides and bus replacements due to a strike, I made it back to Cluses where ben (the driver) picked me up.

I was back basically to pack  my things and go.  I screwed the whole thing. I had a meeting with Fliss, the manager, and she said that corporate will have a meeting tomorrow to decide if I’m sacked or not, but the odds are really low. I knew I was fired.  I basically threw a temper tantrum and left. Come on.

So today I hit the mountain as if it were my last, I had to buy my day pass since I hadn’t even been issued my season pass yet…and I had an email on the way up fro. My insurance saying that my contract was up. Great. It’s over.

I took a lunh break to gather my thoughts, and I got a call from Fliss. And ut if I had a job.

I got away with it.

James the area manager put in a good word for me and was talking with the bosses all day. I’m so lucky. I am not being paid for this week, and I’m on a three week probation. But I am still host of chalet marmot aka usa embassy.

I don’t  understand how I get away with half the things I do.  I just roam around France doing what I want. And poor James is still stuck there. Back to the slopes!!



Me and Loz (not ski total, a driver for go massif.) Were the last ones on the slope as the sun went down. It wasn’t romantic,  I was swearing a lot. And I video chatted with jenny. Weeee


Flaine is where I  want to be ☺

FYI you can fly to LA from Gatwick for £200-300 through Norwegian. Mom and dad, you almost had a surprise guest for Christmas.  Hahahaha.


Me and the dutch. 😉


5 thoughts on “Strike one

  1. That’s the Katie we all know and love, falls in a barrel of shit and comes up smelling of roses. Glad to hear your thingy came back, about bloody time. But it would have been the best Christmas ever if you showed up here.

  2. I echo Dad’s sentiments. You will miss out on Christmas dinner. We are having prime rib roast with Jenny’s special sprouts.

    • It would have been great. But I am quite excited for our massive Christmas dinner. We basically have a weeks worth of food and Christmas dinners to use. And three empty chalets. Since the boys ha let’s are right next to each other, we can cook two turkeys and fill them with our fliane friends.

      And the dutch have to behave.

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