First Guests

I thought about writing about what happened on my Christmas, but since the majority of my readers are my relatives, I decided not to. Well, I’ll give you the highlights.

Christmas eve I  the forum was really cool. They had skiers come down the mountain  with torches, there were fireworks, djs, and vin chaud.

We used the boys chalet and had a huge party eating all the food that would have been for guests for Christmas dinner. I cooked AND  carved two turkeys, drank too much.  Called my parents. I also scaled the balcony to get to the chalet next door. Which was locked.

We didn’t plan very well how we were getting g back Down the mountain. Lucky for me I don’t actually remember getying in a van. But apparently there was a lot of sideways drifts around the corners.

Had enough??

We got to the flying dutchman  bar and danced around like idiots, then went to the boys apartment and played hide and seek. I woke up really cold under a staircase. Then I went home.



Moving on. This is how well I can write on chalk boards  to welcome my guests with cake. 

The guest had a really long day getting to the chalet but they were very polite and ate all my cooking. Today I tried to be as quick as possible to get to the mountain.  I did a couple runs after the long hike back to my house to get my gloves.  I have never had such frozen hands. At least I fell less on  that run!

I will get a lot quicker as time goes on. There’s just so much to do! And I. Love electric hand wisks . Life saver!!


Thanks for the pressie mom and dad!!


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