Let Them Eat Cake

I survived a week with a chalet full of children.

And it has secured my decision to never have kids. I’d rather be an aunt. No pressure, Jenny.

I would walk through the door every morning and evening to screaming kids and yelling parents. I had to bring he sofa cover to apartment and was out the crayon they attacked it with. I also had to scrub the crayon out of the coffee table.  They loved to ask me questions, and I bought them twix ice cream bars to shut them up. It worked.
The little baby broke the trash can lid but out of all of the  he was my favorite. He didn’t even cry when I dropped apples on him when he crawled under my feet while I was moving a fruit bowl. His parents were too busy skyping to notice, and I turned the apple into a moving spaceship before he knew what hit him.

There were two families that were good friends and they were all South  African. Very interesting people.

They said  “yah” every other word.

The week was really easy. I only had to cook enough for four adults and the kids ate leftover veg with sausage everyday. The cleaning though was pointless and they told me to not bother with the rooms.


I got another awful tip. 50€. It would have been better if the south African family that still lived in SA actually gave me any sort of tip. Fifty from one couple is normal. What a cheap bastard. Oh well. But I did get another excellent rating on the review pamphlet. Ughhhh.  Ben the driver got a €50 tip for taking a guest from the pub to his chalet. Unfair.

Transfer day went a lot better than the first one. I got my victoria sponge ready then cleaned all the rooms and bathrooms and deep cleaned the living and dining room in time for the guests. Last time I spent to much time do I g food prep and was scrambling to get the rooms Ready. My guests are alright. One couple are pretty into skiing, the other are two girls and their mom who are really clueless, then the other couple are a bit odd. The lady drinks way too much tea and asks stupid questions like how much cubic space do my cabinets have. Then the mom asks me to sit down and take and break. It’s been one day. Haha. I have to do a bit more prep since I have four vegetarians and there is a different main course. So canapés starters two mains and a dessert. It’s so much food!  
I took a break from boarding due to lack of snow and it’s just not worth sliding down ice for a few hours. Today looks good though.

Oh yeah and I bought a used snowboard off a friend. Then gave it back because I didn’t try it our first and couldn’t get my boots into the bindings when I showed up at the lift 

Try before you buy.

I have also made a few more friends. Some french ski instructors/ snow patrol guys that live in Flaine.  I don’t understand them but there accents make me smile.  mwahahaha


One thought on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. With your ability to turn apples into spaceships and fend off crying you’ll make a wonderful mother. Tired out, but wonderful:)

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