summer in march

20150307_075055 20150303_125206 20150224_131314I really hate this blog sometimes. I wrote so much about things, and then it got lost. Cool


Anyway, I’ve been enjoying myself as usual. I had a few rough weeks with fuses blowing, beds breaking, and door handles being ripped off. People don’t understand sliding doors.


Half term week I had some very wealthy people from the lake district. Four adults and five children. They were complaining about the chalet the entire time. From the rooms being tiny, to not having g champagne glasses, they just picked everything apart. So annoying. But, I did get €150 tip!


The next couple groups were all very nice and no problems. The guests I have this week are so ridiculous.  It here’s a group of four Scottish people. One of the men is extremely  rude and the other guy is an old science teacher. They have the worst humor. Lucky for them, I can also be a sarcastic prick. It’s like when you know people aren’t going to tup well, I just don’t care.  For example, if your going to yell at me to call a cab for you to go to the pharmacy, maybe I will pretend that I DIDN’T know it shut an hour ago. Winning.


The rest of the group are alright, but I am definitely  ready for the next lot. I’ve got  another eight coming. And one vegetarian.  Darn!!


I’m currently  sitting outside the dutchman in my t shirt after a good day on the slopes. It’s been pretty warm and the snow has t been great. But I love sunshine so I don’t really care. I downloaded  sublime album onto my phone and went down my favorite run a few times just zoned out and soaking up the pretty view.


On days that it’s not so nice I have been going to the gym at the swanky hotel down in the forum.




I realized that I don’t really have any pictures of me working so I took a picture of my kitchen  in the morning when I am trying to get ten different things done.



It’s an organised disaster.




That’s me and Sophie and rich stopping for lunch at chalet éclairs for lunch. I had coffee and had some of her spaghetti off the child’s menu. We are rich.


I think I  am ready for a nap!


I am making a break through on summer. I want to do some un contracted work in Chamonix for a bit and have so e proper mountain climbing lessons. If that doesn’t work out or if I get tired of the mountains , I want to try find a roomate (working on sophie) to live in Barcelona .  Sophie has a biochemistry degree from Oxford and doesn’t know what she wants in life. So I think she should hang out with me haha.


I have a list of places I want to visit including  New Zealand, Nepal, Japan, and I now have half a dozen connections on Amsterdam to see it properly. My logic at the moment is that if I were at home in the states I would be working, and paying bills and just about breaking even.  But I can do that here too. As much as I miss being able to go hike or swim or whatever, it will always be there. And I will 100% be in San Fransisco for Jenny s graduation. Then I probably won’t be able to run out of the country for a while.


I need a car. I think I also need to return to the UK at some point to take my drivers test before my theory test runs out. I also need to complete the online e personal trainer certificate I am doing. Busy busy!!



4 thoughts on “summer in march

  1. Another great read. My word Katie, I look forward to seeing you in the summer of 2017. Until then we’ll you on Skype and whatever mountain webcam whose field of vision you happen to be crossing on your travels. Can’t wait to find out how much of a tip the Scots will leave.That kitchen looks pretty compact and not at a disaster.

  2. Good to see the blog all had gone very quiet beginning to wonder where you were……. Thought you were busy being the hostess with the day off to go wild. News is the plumber is today installing new radiators upstairs so we will be warm………. Apart from that since Bettys demise things have been very quiet. Steve went to uncle Bill s funeral and met his cousins. I just go to my mother so get in all the traveling you can I say and go for it so have a good time and let us know the exciting things you are doing some of them 😉 love Isla

    • Good to hear from you isla and hearing things are going well! I don’t think there is any cat that could replace Betty, it just wouldn’t be the same!! I’m looking forward to more traveling and will definitely keep the blog updated. Xx

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