Summer Plan : The Rough Draft.

Yesterday  all six of us (ski total employees) and Milan, drove to Morzine/ Avoriaz  for the ski total end of season party. I was  definitely  the most akward person there. I got in to the same antisocial unimpressed mood I was in at Les arcs. I Immidiatley  wanted to go home. The vans fuel injection system is trashed and when going up hill the far test we could go was 30mph. When  we finally arrived it was a bunch of drunken teenagers running around laughing and screaming. They had arranged team games and gave us a sheet of tasks, an egg to keep from breaking , a balloon, and a piste map. Luckily, the boys had other plans and when we left the group and got into the bubble, the egg was dropped, “activity sheet” and balloon were lost. Most of the runs were sludge and you had to avoid mud puddles.  Made me greatful for flaine icy runs. I got angry that I couldn’t stay on one of the drag lifts, which I should easily be able to do by now. So I went off in a huff and had coffee. The boys were telling g me to come over but I wasn’t having any oft it. Had I of been smart enough I would have found out they were leaving g to go up to Avoriaz  to the big snow park where they have jumps and obstacles.  Nope I missed it. So instead  I sat at a bar with ski total people drinking and carrying on. I decided to take a nap.

Then we moved up to avoriaz where they had arranged sledding. I at the last minute decided I didn’t want to go, dropped my sled, and went to the bar where I had a drink on ski totals tab, and sulked outside by myself. I was invited to chat with some guys from Bulgaria on holiday. Then I met the boys at the van in the parking lot To go home. They were in the park the whole day and had a blast. FINE. Looking at the sunset from the cable car down did enlighten my fowl mood for a bit. Then it took forever to get back into flaine. I went to bed. 

I was greeted by one of my guests this morning in a sling, wrapped leg, and a wrist brace. He must be in his late sixties early seventies and I guess he just stacked it on one of the icy bits. Dislocated shoulder with two fractures, fractured wrist, strained acl, and his helmet had more divets  than a gold ball.  Poor Martin!! Him and his wife are just going to go for a walk today and soak up the sun  on the balcony. Good idea.

The plan so far for this summer is making its way.  It consists of several things.

Go back to the UK by coach plane.
Spend three weeks there sorting out things like my drivers license,  my bike that has been at the RVC since I left, swapping out my clothes, doctors check up, and catching up with relatives. Then, me and Sophie are booking a week in Barcelona. We will try to find jobs but if that doesn’t work then we will drive around Europe in a car with a tent. We definitely want to do the Almafi  coast in Italy. Then when we are in prime summer we will stop in   Chamonix for hiking.


That’s Sophie when we all went to a hidden restaurant  in Flaine for some lunch. You ski op to a phone booth and they come pick you up with a ski doo. We went a different way and walked in. Haha.


We got really tired after that.



They also had a photographer come to my chalet to take pictures of the chalet and myself and my cake for the brochure next year. I’ll have to keep a look out for that catalog. Hahahaha.


One thought on “Summer Plan : The Rough Draft.

  1. I apologize for passing on the “anti-social and awkward behavior at parties” gene. I was having flashbacks while reading the first part of this blog entry. And the summer plans sound, interesting.

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