The final Stretch

I think it has really set in that the season will soon be comming to an end. I have rushed every morning to get things done so that I can go on the mountain. I have done more skiing when there was not very much powder, and now I am back on my board. The weather is trying to snow but a lot of what we get at lower elevation is just slush.  But my favorite run is still just right.
I also was present for fora photo shoot with some people. And I got involved on my skis. 



I have had a few good wrecks recently. Last week my binding came off of my board when  I went to slow down before going off a bit of a steep drop. So I didn’t end up slowing down and my board went one way with one leg and I slammed on my side knocking the wind out of  me and my hip is still really bruised. Then on Saturday I was convinced to compete in a little freestyle comptetion that was basically going through the park and doing each rail twice and you  had to say what trick you were going to do and the competitor had to do the same as you. It was just lea and I that were female snowboarders. I came in second. But I did win best fall (s). It was a  rough day. 





Other than that, my guests have been nice and the weather has been good. I can’t believe it’s April tomorrow!!

And I made this.


One thought on “The final Stretch

  1. Wonderful, like the photos of you enjoying the snow.We have sun,wind rain and all in the same hour. Amalfi is so beautiful along the coast road is very spectacular there is an island called ischia a health resort with 36 mineral pools and grottos great for a day visit also Capri for a short visit. I stayed in Sorrento so many American tourists. Nepal yes.Japan is good for skiing my hairdresser says. The world is your oyster. Look forward to seeing you at some point in what is an exciting year full of promise Best wishes, love from us three

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