Last week of Guests!!

I am already having withdrawals. I can’t believe it’s ending! I have been skiing this week and have enjoyed it so much. I finally made first lifts on my day off and it was so nice.  I’ve also downloaded the Adele 21 album and sat pouting staring at this view.



I’m currently sitting on the porch in the sun. My guests left fairly late but I still had time to do my swap over because my new ones will be in around three ish
I may of not done my best job, but it looks clean.


It’s too hard to get up now haha

All the crystal reps left yesterday since their season over. So I had my.last coffee with sophie at the pre’ . It’s the place to be as you run into everyone there.


My guests this week we’re really nice, and a bit strange. Yesterday I discovered that if you try to make white chocolate brownies it might turn into this


Fortunately my guests told me to put it into a bowl. But it set into a thick toffee so I cut it into squares and they went crazy over it saying that it was “absolutely  gorgeous ” about ten thousand times.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and this week’s guests will request no cake or dessert…or carbs. .or food.
My last guests leave on the 19th and it’s my party on 4/20 in the chalet. It’s going to be great.


One thought on “Last week of Guests!!

  1. Closing of a chapter and great timing with birthday party to cap it off. We are all going miss seeing Mont Blanc over your shoulder and the “Cooking with Katie Show” on the Skype machine. Good luck in the next chapter.

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