Birthday in the Alps / Leaving Flaine

Flaine has become a ghostown. Once the lifts shut on Sunday it was like everyone ran for the hills. The build up to the last night was extreme. Just ongoing partying and for  the first time this season I was late to breakfast…two hours. Haha. Best way to end. The endless last minute push of work,ride,work was so fun but Watching  the mountain  deteriorate and the piste  turning into mud puddles was a bit sad.  By Monday my chalet was spotless and was ready for the keys to be turned in.  I got to play with a sanding belts to remove wine glass rings from the coffee table! Yeah power tools!  We even cleaned out the storeroom yesterday and all that needs to be done now is the van and our apartments. I’m pretty much packed. Even though I have acquired a pair of snowboarding boots and a new jacket, I’ve had to say goodbye to two pairs of gloves, my snowboarding trousers, a hat, some socks, my headphones, and one of the lenses from my goggles. Even my new jacket is torn.
I kindof got to say goodbye to my ski patrol/ mountain hero friend, but I can’t actually remember what was said. Standing in the middle of the packed white pub Saturday night, bottle of wine in hand, I’m pretty sure I smiled and pat him on the head and that was that. I’m so romantic.

My birthday was really great. I was a bit worried at first when I couldn’t have my chalet party, but at the same time, it was clean and done. So fine.  And the amount of people left in Flaine it would have just been me and the three other ski total people. Some of my frenh friends were still there, but I don’t think they really mixed well with my group. Everyone likes the token American of flaine 😉 everyone  was also on a mad hunt for hash and people  were getting a bit stir crazy. Haha.

Anyway, Tuesday we drove down to a village called Sameons where Jess (one of the airport transfer drivers girlfriend ) has a really nice chalet apartment that sleeps ten people. It’s owned by her parents (her dad owns his own equine clinic in the south of england) and it’s really nice. The drive down there gave me a bit of shell  shock. All the grass and trees and flowers, rolling fields with little frenh houses. We had a bbq by the river and a big fire. It was just what I needed. Much less depressing that  the wrapped up half eaten box of cereal that was left outside my door that morning.







We were back in Flaine yesterday  to finish some stuff but came back last night. I feel like I have finally gotten over the excessive  napping and sleeping in but am borderline a bit stir crazy. Jess cooked everyone dinner last night and it felt great having absolutely  nothing to do with it. But I do have the strong urge to tidy everything. Tomorrow we need to leave flaine by one/ two and we leave Cluses for a long coach ride back to Gatwick airport . From there I will take the train to Euston station, leave my luggage, take the train to potters bar where I will be picked up by my old roomate sophie, drive to Newmarket where my other old roomate Lisa and her boyfriend have bought a house. We will spend the day/night and I will be brought back to pb, hopefully picking up my bike along the way, get to Euston, and catch the train to Manchester. It can’t be anymore stressful than  the moving of luggage across the country.

I thought that I might take a trip to Amsterdam where a lot of the Flaine people are going for kings night, but I think that I’m just going to pass.

It’s so unreal how fast the season has ended. But I’m so ready to leave. Another door is about to open.



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