Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki…and Tallinn

I have completed my speed tour of Scandinavia.  I am currently sat in the covered market in Helsinki having a coffee waiting for the rain to pass and I leave at one o’clock for Tallinn. (This was before I completed the second half of the blog)

Copenhagen probably wasn’t my favorite city out of the ones I visited, but I wasn’t there for the parties or nightlife, so I probably didn’t see it properly. I did have a great coffee run at the Coffee Collective. Tucked back into a side street was this massive coffee shop that had its own roast plant on the other side of a glass wall. You could Watch the guys pouring coffee beans into the bags and the smell was amazing.  I stayed there for quite a while reading magazines and drinking several different coffees. Then I was fueled for the rest of my tourist walking.



The flight to stockholm was painless and I really enjoyed the hostel I stayed at. I finally did some shopping at wesc because they were having a massive sale and I did a lot of coffe touring. I was in the “sofo” district most of the time. I also walked the perimeters of a couple islands close by.  My favorite coffee there was Coffice. Drop Coffee is the most famous, but it lacked a good atmosphere.  Maybe too many tourists. Coffice was in Sofo and had seating like you were in and office desk. With super fast wifi, people came there to get work done and enjoy a good brew and nice pastries/sandwiches/juices /watever. The barista were also really friendly and gave me advice for what I should do in my short time. I also enjoyed some snacks from Urban Deli that was pretty much like a whole foods market but with a nice outdoor patio and good people watching.


There was also a massive indoor food market that I didn’t bother eating at because it all looked pretty pricey. But the things they had on display looked really good…

I had an early morning getting to Helsinki. My flight was at 6:40 so I woke up at three am to catch the airport bus. I slept through the take off and the landing.  I spoke to a swedish guy at a coffee shop and we went to another coffee shop and killed time until he was getting picked up by a friend to go to a cabin for the weekend. I was way jealous.

Finland  is extremely “clean”. Actually, all of Scandinavia has been. For all the cities being capitals and major cities, the streets and housing and parks were all immaculate.  It’s sad that the US don’t take anythig seriously for being such an advanced country. Scandinavia is so well established and self sustained I wish it was so easy for other countries to catch on.

The hostel I stayed at in helsinki was on an island in an old shool building.  It had old bunkers and cannons and a good view all around.



I had a good time window shopping at all the local design shops and home goods. I really want to flat to fill with my stuff. I have several different styles that I have picked out from everything I have seen.
Helsinki really only needs a day to be seen but it was still easy to kill time there.  The ferry to Tallinn was rough sailing. I had a pretty bad headache the whole way but it wasn’t too long of a journey.  I walked through old town to get into the hostel. I still need to get some photos of the place!!  I’ll do a different post for the city. 

I have had yet another change of plans.  It dawned on me how long I will be in Tallinn and I feel like I have unfinished business still in the UK.  I was in the process of selling off some stuff, I never got to do a proper see off with the grandparents, and I really should get my darn drivers license taken care of.  So my new plan is.

Saturday- flight to Manchester
August 25th fly to Oslo from Edinburgh airport. Retrieve my bag from the hostel in Oslo, then head to the International airport in Oslo for my flight on the 26th.

Whatever happens in between is unknown.  I may go to Wales and do snowdonia with Sophie when she returns from quitting in Balestrand.  Who knows.

The hostel was fine with me heading  out, and I do a bit of helping out here and there to still get my free accommodation. Yay!




2 thoughts on “Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki…and Tallinn

  1. We only have 3 weeks 6 days and 16 hours to get some really good coffee in the house. What about cheese? Have had any good cheese?

    • Well I hate the sight of camembert after flaine. I like feta. Haha. We need a coffee bean grinder, French press/aeropress, a scale…..just kidding. But I really like rye bread and smoked salmon. Thanks Sweden.

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