I’m supposed to be working on this online course to get a certificate for personal training. But then I realised I haven’t done my Tallin blog. 

Tallinn was a really cool city.  Mostly because it is so undiscovered. The water is crisp blue, plenty of nightlife and hidden spots to relax, and you would never guess that it’s one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. It’s dirt cheap, and the living standards seem high. I pretty much stayed at the hostel for free for a week after making beds for a couple hours. I also would of had a job at a pita shop downstairs but then I decided to leave.

While I was there, I toured old town, walked around the outer city, took a day trip to Rummu , and tried to skateboard.  The coffee was ok.

Rummu was an hour bus ride out of tallinn and is an old soviet prison that is in a quarry and a go to for a lot of locals to picnic and swim. The water is so clear, and the sun brings out all the colors of the grass and paintings on the walls. I went with a Scottish girl and boy from Denver. Matt has a job of diving at a restaurant for entertainment so he was pretty stoked to do some diving off the building. Lucyanne was excited to get a mini swim lesson and jump off the building.  I was excited to wear my jacket and sit on the dry beach. Lucyanne got about halfway to the building and panicked and matt had to help her swim back to shore. It was sad, but hilarious.






Rewind to the day before when they tried to give a a guilt trip about not wanting to go camping with then in the national forest without a tent or really anything. They cane back at six in he morning after catching the first running bus. They were soaked, and looked awful.


It was a first for me to really participate in a hostel pub crawl as well. I usually avoid them like the plague bit my travels are coming to a close so I went for it. I had a pretty good time seeing tallinn at night, and the fact that I quickly ended up just at the bar attached to the hostel and was chatting with the hostel/bar staff until five in the morning. Good opportunity for a photo as I sat across the burger shop on the steps watching half the city eat grease/continue to drink.


I am now back in Manchester trying to sell off some of my stuff that I left. It’s not going so quickly.


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