Last week of Guests!!

I am already having withdrawals. I can’t believe it’s ending! I have been skiing this week and have enjoyed it so much. I finally made first lifts on my day off and it was so nice.  I’ve also downloaded the Adele 21 album and sat pouting staring at this view.



I’m currently sitting on the porch in the sun. My guests left fairly late but I still had time to do my swap over because my new ones will be in around three ish
I may of not done my best job, but it looks clean.


It’s too hard to get up now haha

All the crystal reps left yesterday since their season over. So I had my.last coffee with sophie at the pre’ . It’s the place to be as you run into everyone there.


My guests this week we’re really nice, and a bit strange. Yesterday I discovered that if you try to make white chocolate brownies it might turn into this


Fortunately my guests told me to put it into a bowl. But it set into a thick toffee so I cut it into squares and they went crazy over it saying that it was “absolutely  gorgeous ” about ten thousand times.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and this week’s guests will request no cake or dessert…or carbs. .or food.
My last guests leave on the 19th and it’s my party on 4/20 in the chalet. It’s going to be great.


The final Stretch

I think it has really set in that the season will soon be comming to an end. I have rushed every morning to get things done so that I can go on the mountain. I have done more skiing when there was not very much powder, and now I am back on my board. The weather is trying to snow but a lot of what we get at lower elevation is just slush.  But my favorite run is still just right.
I also was present for fora photo shoot with some people. And I got involved on my skis. 



I have had a few good wrecks recently. Last week my binding came off of my board when  I went to slow down before going off a bit of a steep drop. So I didn’t end up slowing down and my board went one way with one leg and I slammed on my side knocking the wind out of  me and my hip is still really bruised. Then on Saturday I was convinced to compete in a little freestyle comptetion that was basically going through the park and doing each rail twice and you  had to say what trick you were going to do and the competitor had to do the same as you. It was just lea and I that were female snowboarders. I came in second. But I did win best fall (s). It was a  rough day. 





Other than that, my guests have been nice and the weather has been good. I can’t believe it’s April tomorrow!!

And I made this.

Summer Plan : The Rough Draft.

Yesterday  all six of us (ski total employees) and Milan, drove to Morzine/ Avoriaz  for the ski total end of season party. I was  definitely  the most akward person there. I got in to the same antisocial unimpressed mood I was in at Les arcs. I Immidiatley  wanted to go home. The vans fuel injection system is trashed and when going up hill the far test we could go was 30mph. When  we finally arrived it was a bunch of drunken teenagers running around laughing and screaming. They had arranged team games and gave us a sheet of tasks, an egg to keep from breaking , a balloon, and a piste map. Luckily, the boys had other plans and when we left the group and got into the bubble, the egg was dropped, “activity sheet” and balloon were lost. Most of the runs were sludge and you had to avoid mud puddles.  Made me greatful for flaine icy runs. I got angry that I couldn’t stay on one of the drag lifts, which I should easily be able to do by now. So I went off in a huff and had coffee. The boys were telling g me to come over but I wasn’t having any oft it. Had I of been smart enough I would have found out they were leaving g to go up to Avoriaz  to the big snow park where they have jumps and obstacles.  Nope I missed it. So instead  I sat at a bar with ski total people drinking and carrying on. I decided to take a nap.

Then we moved up to avoriaz where they had arranged sledding. I at the last minute decided I didn’t want to go, dropped my sled, and went to the bar where I had a drink on ski totals tab, and sulked outside by myself. I was invited to chat with some guys from Bulgaria on holiday. Then I met the boys at the van in the parking lot To go home. They were in the park the whole day and had a blast. FINE. Looking at the sunset from the cable car down did enlighten my fowl mood for a bit. Then it took forever to get back into flaine. I went to bed. 

I was greeted by one of my guests this morning in a sling, wrapped leg, and a wrist brace. He must be in his late sixties early seventies and I guess he just stacked it on one of the icy bits. Dislocated shoulder with two fractures, fractured wrist, strained acl, and his helmet had more divets  than a gold ball.  Poor Martin!! Him and his wife are just going to go for a walk today and soak up the sun  on the balcony. Good idea.

The plan so far for this summer is making its way.  It consists of several things.

Go back to the UK by coach plane.
Spend three weeks there sorting out things like my drivers license,  my bike that has been at the RVC since I left, swapping out my clothes, doctors check up, and catching up with relatives. Then, me and Sophie are booking a week in Barcelona. We will try to find jobs but if that doesn’t work then we will drive around Europe in a car with a tent. We definitely want to do the Almafi  coast in Italy. Then when we are in prime summer we will stop in   Chamonix for hiking.


That’s Sophie when we all went to a hidden restaurant  in Flaine for some lunch. You ski op to a phone booth and they come pick you up with a ski doo. We went a different way and walked in. Haha.


We got really tired after that.



They also had a photographer come to my chalet to take pictures of the chalet and myself and my cake for the brochure next year. I’ll have to keep a look out for that catalog. Hahahaha.

summer in march

20150307_075055 20150303_125206 20150224_131314I really hate this blog sometimes. I wrote so much about things, and then it got lost. Cool


Anyway, I’ve been enjoying myself as usual. I had a few rough weeks with fuses blowing, beds breaking, and door handles being ripped off. People don’t understand sliding doors.


Half term week I had some very wealthy people from the lake district. Four adults and five children. They were complaining about the chalet the entire time. From the rooms being tiny, to not having g champagne glasses, they just picked everything apart. So annoying. But, I did get €150 tip!


The next couple groups were all very nice and no problems. The guests I have this week are so ridiculous.  It here’s a group of four Scottish people. One of the men is extremely  rude and the other guy is an old science teacher. They have the worst humor. Lucky for them, I can also be a sarcastic prick. It’s like when you know people aren’t going to tup well, I just don’t care.  For example, if your going to yell at me to call a cab for you to go to the pharmacy, maybe I will pretend that I DIDN’T know it shut an hour ago. Winning.


The rest of the group are alright, but I am definitely  ready for the next lot. I’ve got  another eight coming. And one vegetarian.  Darn!!


I’m currently  sitting outside the dutchman in my t shirt after a good day on the slopes. It’s been pretty warm and the snow has t been great. But I love sunshine so I don’t really care. I downloaded  sublime album onto my phone and went down my favorite run a few times just zoned out and soaking up the pretty view.


On days that it’s not so nice I have been going to the gym at the swanky hotel down in the forum.




I realized that I don’t really have any pictures of me working so I took a picture of my kitchen  in the morning when I am trying to get ten different things done.



It’s an organised disaster.




That’s me and Sophie and rich stopping for lunch at chalet éclairs for lunch. I had coffee and had some of her spaghetti off the child’s menu. We are rich.


I think I  am ready for a nap!


I am making a break through on summer. I want to do some un contracted work in Chamonix for a bit and have so e proper mountain climbing lessons. If that doesn’t work out or if I get tired of the mountains , I want to try find a roomate (working on sophie) to live in Barcelona .  Sophie has a biochemistry degree from Oxford and doesn’t know what she wants in life. So I think she should hang out with me haha.


I have a list of places I want to visit including  New Zealand, Nepal, Japan, and I now have half a dozen connections on Amsterdam to see it properly. My logic at the moment is that if I were at home in the states I would be working, and paying bills and just about breaking even.  But I can do that here too. As much as I miss being able to go hike or swim or whatever, it will always be there. And I will 100% be in San Fransisco for Jenny s graduation. Then I probably won’t be able to run out of the country for a while.


I need a car. I think I also need to return to the UK at some point to take my drivers test before my theory test runs out. I also need to complete the online e personal trainer certificate I am doing. Busy busy!!


Chalet life

I’m writing this post as I’m standing in my kitchen with basically everything done, and aperitifs aren’t even due yet. It’s like I’m becoming a kitchen ninja.

Things that have improved besides my timing and organizational is my focaccia bread. Thank goodness. I was getting so tired of playing the “oh no look what has happened to my bread” when I feed my guests bricks on a Tuesday night. I paid attention to the temp of the warm water and honey this time. And let it prove for a lot more than needed. Look at the rise on it!



All the edges are purposely used for sampling 🙂

Things that are still annoying is the always tempermental sticky toffee pudding.  It tries to overflow in the oven, so I keep an eye on it and spoon it back into its dish.


So last week I had one guest. One wierd,  old , single man.

The first twenty minutes in my chalet he was telling me a story about how a man was sign languaging licking a woman’s breasts. As I stood there, by myself, looking at this joke of a man make a fool of himself.

Luckily he opted to eat the boys chalet with their guests so he didn’t eat alone. I made him breakfast and a new cake every third day. Since I was so free, I helped out Jim and Joe for their food prep. They had a couple gluten free people so I baked all the gluten free things in my chalet and walked it up.the looks you get when you stink up an elevator with delicious things.  I also helped joe with his dinner services since he’s been struggling a bit…A BIT??

It was like ramsays kitchen nightmares. But to be fair, he’s a 19 year old boy on his gap year. It was nice to have a change in the week but I am definitely  happy to be back in my own domain. My transfer day was also pretty painless, except I was in the chalet from five am to ten at night. Since jims guests had the early flight, we all got up early to get a lift in the van up the mountain. What fuels you when you are in the chalet for that long with all your rooms and food prepped? You eat left over cake, and baguettes.

On my day off last week, walked from the forum, the bottom of the valley, to the top of the ski lift. I took my snowboard on my backpacked and rented snowshoes for three euros with my seasonaire discount. It took me two and a half hours to get up, and about five or ten minutes to board down. Haha.



Even with all the walking and boarding, I feel so unhealthy and I have definitely  packed on the pounds. I think I have clearly enjoyed eating all the leftover cake croissants  and baking chocolate. I think I might get back on the paleo bus for a bit. I cringe typing it, because I don’t want to fall back into my ocd ways, but I need to just stop eating all the processed junk. I feel yucky. It’s gonna be rough, but I need it!!

Oh and this is me at four in the morning when everyone abandoned me at he club and I made friends with the dj Julien #3 (there’s about fifty Juliens  in Flaine. ) and he let me pretend to be a dj


I have also made myself become more aware of what time it is. After a few really long nights, I have found myself getting my snow gear on ready to hit the mountain, sitting down to put my washing in the machine, Lean  back on the floor, wake up four hours later sweating in my clothes needing a shower and to return to work. Fail.

And this week there are at least 600 dutch university  students in the resort for the week. The flying dutchman pun is nonstop. 

People are already starting to plan aout what theyvare doing after the season. My list is starting to pile up. I’ve got time. …

Let Them Eat Cake

I survived a week with a chalet full of children.

And it has secured my decision to never have kids. I’d rather be an aunt. No pressure, Jenny.

I would walk through the door every morning and evening to screaming kids and yelling parents. I had to bring he sofa cover to apartment and was out the crayon they attacked it with. I also had to scrub the crayon out of the coffee table.  They loved to ask me questions, and I bought them twix ice cream bars to shut them up. It worked.
The little baby broke the trash can lid but out of all of the  he was my favorite. He didn’t even cry when I dropped apples on him when he crawled under my feet while I was moving a fruit bowl. His parents were too busy skyping to notice, and I turned the apple into a moving spaceship before he knew what hit him.

There were two families that were good friends and they were all South  African. Very interesting people.

They said  “yah” every other word.

The week was really easy. I only had to cook enough for four adults and the kids ate leftover veg with sausage everyday. The cleaning though was pointless and they told me to not bother with the rooms.


I got another awful tip. 50€. It would have been better if the south African family that still lived in SA actually gave me any sort of tip. Fifty from one couple is normal. What a cheap bastard. Oh well. But I did get another excellent rating on the review pamphlet. Ughhhh.  Ben the driver got a €50 tip for taking a guest from the pub to his chalet. Unfair.

Transfer day went a lot better than the first one. I got my victoria sponge ready then cleaned all the rooms and bathrooms and deep cleaned the living and dining room in time for the guests. Last time I spent to much time do I g food prep and was scrambling to get the rooms Ready. My guests are alright. One couple are pretty into skiing, the other are two girls and their mom who are really clueless, then the other couple are a bit odd. The lady drinks way too much tea and asks stupid questions like how much cubic space do my cabinets have. Then the mom asks me to sit down and take and break. It’s been one day. Haha. I have to do a bit more prep since I have four vegetarians and there is a different main course. So canapés starters two mains and a dessert. It’s so much food!  
I took a break from boarding due to lack of snow and it’s just not worth sliding down ice for a few hours. Today looks good though.

Oh yeah and I bought a used snowboard off a friend. Then gave it back because I didn’t try it our first and couldn’t get my boots into the bindings when I showed up at the lift 

Try before you buy.

I have also made a few more friends. Some french ski instructors/ snow patrol guys that live in Flaine.  I don’t understand them but there accents make me smile.  mwahahaha

Goodbye 2014

If there’s one word that I could use for this year, it would be “WOW”

The power of putting your mind to something and getting it done is the most rewarding feeling I have experienced. I didn’t realized how big of a rut I was in a few years ago, and I give myself a big pat on the back for getting my priorities straightened out.

Looking back a few years ago, I can remember sitting outside an ugly trailer home with an eviction notice in one hand, and a rope tied to a crippled horse in the other. I had no friends, I felt toatlly stuck on my own, and someone who I thought was my best friend was dragging me down every single day. Broken doors, walls, yelling, swearing, it became a normal thing to go through.  But whenever I actually had a moment to myself, there was that little voice in my head telling me to start over.

And I did.

I’ve met relatives that I didn’t know about, spend time with people in never had the chance to, I worked at a veterinary  university,volunteered at the world equestrian games,I have made four trips out to Europe and currently work in the French Alps.  And in the last month, I have experienced the college partying lifestyle that I never had. Hahaha

This year was just incredible. This year my grandparents reached their diamond anniversary. The two of them are such role models to me and I can’t describe how much better my life has become with spending so much time with them. I truly feel like we really know each other now.

I’m tearing up. This is hillarious.  Especially since I’m typing this from a phone.

I am also glad that this year I spent time with loved ones who are no longer with us, or I didn’t have very much contact with. My aunt and uncle have also become a huge part of my life, and also making it to simon and Anns  wedding was a big deal to me. I feel so much more involved with my family. Not just cards in the mail.

Traveling around Europe, I have met so many nice people. People who come from all different backgrounds and so many different outlooks on life. It definitely  smartened me up and made me less opinionated. Today I received a postcard from the woman that I stayed with in france for the WEG. It made my day( something needed to, I think I have broken all my bones).

To wrap up this soppy blog, I will conclude with a message for 2015:

I don’t have any resolutions, I have a to-do list, and the motivation to challenge myself in achieving it. I’m full of excitement for what this next year brings. There will be peaks and troughs, but it’s all about the journey. And I say bring it on.